Getting a new tattoo can have your mind racing. If you can’t find what you’re looking for below, contact our customer services.

Tattoos in Pierced are strictly over 18+. Valid I.D such as in your in-date passport, official age card or drivers licence are necessary upon arrival. If you're lucky enough to possibly look under the age of 18 and we ask for your I.D, take it as a compliment!

As a client, an easier part of the body would be areas that aren't directly on the bone as it can be a little bit more uncomfortable. Although, there is no area that is 'pain free'. You will feel a tattoo being created on any part of your body, it just may not be as intense of a sensation in specific areas.

We wouldn't say painful, especially not for something so small. Getting a tattoo feels more like a scratching sensation than anything! Everyone has a different pain tolerance, but we can honestly say that the slightly uncomfortable feeling will be over before you know it!

Your tattoo will usually be fully healed after approximately 1 month. For the first 2 weeks, your tattoo will try and heal itself by creating a scab over itself (it is an open wound, after all!)

There are two methods of aftercare that are provided in the studio, depending on how your artist has dressed your tattoo

If you got a second skin 'Dermalise' on your tattoo:

• You can leave it up to 1-2 days & change it whenever it gets dirty, too loose or full of liquid. Follow your artists recommendations.
• The easiest way to remove it is in the shower. Gently rub off the remaining glue with unscented soap. Do not force it.
• Moisturise the tattoo lightly with antiseptic tattoo cream whenever it gets dry.
• Healing time is usually 2-4 weeks depending on the piece.

If you were given a clingfilm wrap on your tattoo:

• Change your wrap 3 times a day.
• After the removal of clingfilm, wash the area with water & unscented soap.
• Pat dry with a clean paper towel and let air for a few minutes.
• Repeat doing the same procedure every 4 hours and keep covering the tattoo with a cling film for the first 2 days only.
• Apply a thin layer of aftercare cream and massage into the skin to the point where it just barely looks moist.
• Keep your tattoo clean with antiseptic soap and water during the day.
• Repeat this process for 2-4 weeks depending on the how the tattoo looks.

Unfortunately you cannot get tattooed while you are pregnant or breastfeeding to avoid the risk of you getting an infection.

Yes we can indeed, some of our artists are vegan themselves and they offer a fully vegan set-up. Just be sure to request a vegan setup when looking for an appointment.

Yes! Our tattoo salve is made from 100% natural products, and is vegan friendly.

No, we don’t do custom designs as we do offer custom flash sheets that you can choose from designed by incredible tattoo artists. However, twice a year we will create flash sheets that you can vote for and we can design them accordingly.