Piercing Prices

Providing exceptional piercing and jewellery services, we pride ourselves in upholding the highest safety and hygiene standards within our studio.

We offer a superior range of premium jewellery, along side our accessible piercing services and high-grade material designs for all to acquire.

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All basic piercings exclude jewellery
15 or 2 for €30
Standard Piercing
Piercing Bridge/Industrial/Surface
€35 or 2 for €60
Includes basic titanium
Jewellery Change
per one up to 5 pieces
Curation Fee for Jewellery change over 5 pieces+
Basic Titanium
Gold PVD, Black PVD Toppers, One Gem Studs Topper
Mini Gem Topper & Designs
Multi Gem Toppers
Including titanium jewellery
Female genital piercing
P.A Piercing
Ampallang & Apadravy
By appointment only

All piercings are €30.  Excluding industrials, bridge, surface, microdermals & genitals piercings.

*Genital piercings must to be consulted and agreed with the piercer in advance.